What’s Next

These are the things that have happened since the new year.

My mother decided to move with my dad to town.
She signed a lease.
My dad sort of signed the lease since he can no longer hold a pen.
My dad had a nose bleed that covered the bathroom in blood, according to my mother.
My dad fell, so many times.
I packed some of her essentials.
Debra packed more of her essentials.
Debra changed all of her utilities.
This made my mother cry.
My mom packed things like a double boiler she only uses for candy and most recently used to scoop up sewage.
Because the plumbing failed again,
And the heater. Again.
Both need major replacements.
They moved to a hotel.
My dad spent 15 minutes meowing like a cat.
My sister informed me that her therapist told her to check-out since she is stressed, and pregnant.
We had to take in my parents large dog. Now we have three. She is not potty-trained but our new rug is pretty absorbent.
It snowed and the car got stuck on the ice.
And then the heat stopped working.
Because the heating coil failed and the oil pan cracked. And I don’t have $2400.
But that’s okay, since they can’t fix it until Friday.
So we have to rent a car to go pack more of my mother’s things since the movers come tomorrow.
And my mother, well, she blamed me for “taking her husband” and “taking everything” but you know that I didn’t.
The next appointment is today, four weeks early, to see what’s wrong.
Something MUST be wrong.

10 Responses

  1. Oh god. That all sounds so very very hard. I’m so sorry.

  2. Yikes. Wow.

  3. Friend, I love you…and shit is so fucked up and hard, and FACK! I’m sorry you have to go through all of this….

  4. All my love, babe.

  5. Too much. That’s just too much. I am so sorry. What a mess. I hope things settle soon. Thinking of you.

  6. This is truly a recipe for madness. In both the British and the American sense. May the Force be with you (and also with D).

  7. Ugh. Just ugh.

  8. Strength and love to you all

  9. Oh dear, I am sorry 2017 has not kicked off with a good start! I do hope it levels out to a new normal you can all ride on for bit before the next big change.

  10. Feck that’s a nightmare of a cluster of shite. Putting it mildly. I’m sorry.

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