For us, seven is the magic age of “what will I be when I grow up?” Now, her mother and I are pretty good examples for both doing what you love and doing what to have to in order to earn money while not killing your soul. And while we don’t want her to fall prey to the Dream Job syndrome (i.e. nothing is good enough if it isn’t The One), we also don’t want her to feel like she has to pick a path, prepare for it, and stick with it. At least, not forever.

The first job she reported wanting was a queen. She announced this about a year ago along with her plans for future residency (our basement) and children (two, twins, girls, who her mother and I will take care of). That was six. At seven we have a more practical job – an art teacher. Both residency and child-rearing strategies remain the same. I say practical with a bit of hesitation, I admit. She’s certainly talented, but is being an art teacher really a viable career choice? But then again, who am I to think it might not be? Besides, she’s seven and she’s still working on core skills like reading, math, and toileting (do not even get me started).

Art teacher sounds more realistic than queen and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was actually “art teacher with a tattoo artist side hustle.” Man, does this child love to draw on herself, others, walls, curtains, floors, etc. She loves the look of body art generally and begs for face-painting at every opportunity. She doesn’t ask for much else so this is a noticeable (and consistent) request. In fact, if she had free access to temporary tattoos, she’d plaster them all over her body. Which brings us to her latest efforts.

While at the pool this weekend, RR disappeared from view for 20 minutes. Debra was with her and looked all over but it was crowded and she was missing. When she reappeared, she had a large, glitter tattoo on her forearm spelling out the name of a new internet service provider in town. Yes, my child emblazoned herself with a glitter tattoo that turned her into a walking billboard. Best of all, she proclaimed, “This will last for THREE WEEKS!”

Giving the scrubbing I insisted she give it in the shower last night, I think it will, in fact, last three weeks. Can we at least get a discount?


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  1. Baby oil can work wonders on temporary tattoos, as does rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer. Although that glitter is going nowhere fast.

  2. So I take it you’re not switching service providers, then?

    I have an aspiring vet on my hands. Given the commitment she makes to Halloween costumes starting the first week of November for the following year, I will not be surprised if this comes to pass. Especially since she just conquered her fear of dogs (!).

    I would send my grandkids to RR’s art school financed by black market tattoos. Whatever it takes to keep funding the arts, y’know?

    • RR would TOTALLY finance an art school based on black market tattoos. In fact, she might be doing that right now. No wonder she’s cagey about what she’s doing in her bedroom.

  3. Um, I think that you could give me a discount…
    Also, body art 5ever. Ahem.

    • You have to take that up with the artist herself. She is so discerning that even her mothers can’t request a piece, she has to feel moved…

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