Fairy Doors

The other day my child, who is seven and many, told me that she urgently needed help moving her new bedside table away from the wall.

Why, I wondered. After all, moving it means that it would be harder to reconstruct her tower of books which routinely collapses into a heap at bedtime.

The fairy, she urged. Her door is trapped behind the table and she can’t get out.

Well, you know I’m not going to shrug off a fairy, so off we went to investigate and after an appropriate amount of hemming and hawing, I suggested she might make the fairy a new door.

RR finished but her soul was not at peace. We couldn’t keep the table against the wall because the fairy would not know to use the new door until she came out and saw it.

A sign perhaps? Yes, she agreed, that would do.

She is seven and perfect.


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  1. I wish WordPress had a love option. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. This is infinitely sweeter than the fairy door at our house. Clementine’s grandma got her a plastic one with a mailbox to put next to her bed. I was opposed, but my wife (who, for the record, cast the deciding vote against Santa) said she’d handle maintenance so I reluctantly agreed. And yeah, she writes the notes, but guess who has to climb up the ladder and over the sleeping child and stuffed animals to retrieve and deliver and come up with believable excuses as to why I’m in the top bunk at odd hours of the night?

    Yet I’m still charmed by RR’s approach. Childhood magic, man. Works in mysterious ways.

    • Oh yeah, our fairy doors are all at baseboard level. The tooth fairy doesn’t go under pillows. The easter bunny doesn’t leave any baskets by the bed at night. We fought hard for that precious sleep!

  3. She is the best. Ever.

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