Mother’s Day Presents

In honor of Mother’s Day, I bring you these two tidbits. One is, most definitely, better than the other.

My mother needs lots of help as she prepares to move cross-country. Mind, the move isn’t until the end of July but, by golly, she is going to be packed and sitting on boxes by June 1st. I’m not sure why she thinks this is a good idea and my opinion doesn’t generally matter. Suffice to say, we’re doing a lot of drop by furniture moving, etc. We also have dinner with her every Sunday. Every. Sunday. I think that we have rescheduled three Sundays in the last four years and have only passed on one outright. So it’s reasonable for a reasonable person to expect that we’d have dinner again, and move boxes again, this Sunday. Which is how we got to this text:

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 3.37.24 PM.png

Is it unreasonable to hope that someday my suggestion of items to bring will not be met by a statement about mini ice cream but rather by a “Great! I have ranch dressing!” She constantly, in small ways like this, refuses to make any decisions at all. Rather than hold accountability for saying yes to bread and salad at the risk of forgetting something else, she doubles down on what she has. Every conversation goes like this. Reasonable questions met not with answers but by close-but-not-quite statements of sometimes totally unrelated fact. At least we were both talking about dinner. This time.

On the other hand, I picked up RR from school yesterday and she has Mother’s Day presents:

RR: Mama! I made you and mama presents for Mother’s Day!
Me: Oh you did! That’s very exciting. I can’t wait to see them.
RR: It’s a secret. A potholder for you and this picture for mama.
Me: Those sound like good secrets.
RR: That’s right. They will be a surprise, won’t they?


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  1. I apologize for always jumping in on your stories with me own but there’s just something about these kids of ours, so close in age and so living the same life 600 miles apart.

    Me: Do you have a card for Mama?
    She: Yes, I made a card for her and I made a card for you. I worked so hard in school because I had to do two cards AND two picture frames and…oops, the picture frames were supposed to be a surprise.
    Me: Well, that’s okay.
    She: Yeah. You’ll forget about them.
    Me, lying: Uh, sure. Probably.
    She: You will once you get to work. Don’t think about picture frames at work.

    Enjoy that ranch dressing but not as an ice cream topping.

  2. What lovely surprises!

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