4th Grade

Believe me, I know. Fourth already? There’s nothing like the passing of another birthday for your child that makes you reckon with the passing of time. Her ninth birthday is looming and I can’t count the number of people who have said “I can’t believe it, nine already? She was just a baby!” Don’t I know it.

I have lots of things to say about fourth grade but this post is really about the passing of years and the ending of third, in particular. RR attends a Montessori school and the children are grouped into classrooms spanning three grades. She has progressed in the same classroom since she was 5, with the same teacher, and the same children. This year’s crop of first graders has been a particularly enjoyable experience for RR, who is young for her age and happily plays with and teaches the smaller set.

Her teacher has been a compassionate, attentive, kind, funny person who has taken RR’s same traits and helped them flourish. She’s one of the most calm and thoughtful people I’ve met and I know for certain that we can thank her for helping RR’s personal space bubble evolve, nurturing her drawing skills, ensuring she could read and write beautifully, and teaching her to channel her frustration at learning new facts into curiosity and enjoyment. You guys, Montessori has been the right choice for RR since the beginning. I’m sure you know how it feels to just know you’ve made some parenting decision solidly right.

But today it ends, friends. Today is the day she rises up to fourth grade. The last day of school. The last day in this classroom with this teacher. I’m not great with lasts as a general rule but I’m a wreck. Somehow this artificial moment makes me feel like my little girl is gone, replaced by the person who has been glimmering in the distance. I’m thrilled with that person’s confidence and maturity, I’m not so thrilled to be saying goodbye to my baby.

I know, I know. You’re right, of course. You always are. This IS artificial. She’s still the same person. It’s a ceremony is all, a last day, a bookmark. But I’m a cryer, happy or not, and I’m an emotional disaster. I need all your tips to keep from crying. Cause I have a day to get through and no real confidence I can get through it in one piece.

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  1. I have no tips. End of the school year anything does me in. For the last three years, I have sat through end of the year concerts at the high school where they do senior recognitions and every year I get a little verklepmt – and none of those are even my kid!

    This ends but one chapter in RR’s life. Who knows what wonderful things next year brings! And the year after that. And so on and so forth. This growing up is hard on a mama’s heart, but watching this little person grow and blossom is also a wondrous thing. xo

  2. I am hoping someone else has good suggestions for not crying, because I am also a Cryer. About everything. All emotions. And I’m very much a sympathy cryer too, so if I see people I don’t even know having emotions about things (even if I don’t quite know what their emotions are about), there’s a good chance I’ll cry then too. My usual methods are to (a) distract myself, which is terrible when you actually want to know/see what’s happening, or (b) dig my fingernails as hard as I can into the softest parts of my inner arm while also biting my tongue or cheek, because pain can distract me from crying. Or…I just roll with it and cry. There’s nothing wrong with being weepy over your baby’s last anything, about her growing up, about her being an amazing person. All of those things are worthy of all kinds of tears. ❤

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