Finding Friends

Ever since RR was little, we’ve had parents approach us with “oh {my child} talks so much about RR!” and we’re always a bit taken aback because RR doesn’t really talk about anyone else’s child. Until recently, we’ve accepted that other children are friends with our child even if the feeling is lukewarm on RR’s side. But then the playdates never came. Oh, we still get my child talks about your child but the follow-through isn’t there.

On the practical side, I suppose our best answer would be, “Great! let’s have [your child] over to play!” But we’re homebodies and that takes time and energy we often want to use on other things on the weekend. We’ll have to change our tune though because RR desperately wants to have or go to a sleepover and that’s definitely not happening without the playdate stage.

This weekend she was invited to an apple orchard and we had a different friend over the following day. It’s the most social interaction she’s had outside of school with her friends other than a birthday party here and there. We were exhausted by it but RR didn’t seem either tired OR energized so it’s hard to tell whether she was digging the social butterfly vibe or if she was merely tolerating it for our sakes. Questioning gets us nowhere with her so we’ll have to see what happens with the approach of this weekend. More playdate requests from her or fewer? I guess we’ll find out.

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  1. Charlotte begs for play dates nonstop. She drives me bonkers because I just have zero interest in being that social! Like, I love you kid, but no.

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