Santa’s List

Following some advice given several years ago, this year’s “big” gift is coming from us, her parents, and not from Santa. The general advice was, don’t let Santa take credit for the great things, get some of the glory as the parents. And lord knows I need all the glory I can get this year. 

We are also way ahead (for us) of the gift game for RR. We diligently listened to her asks, sifted through over the last few months to find the most important/repeated ones, and carefully selected a few high priority presents for her delight on Christmas Day. And then she wrote a letter to Santa.

And nothing we got was on it. 

After some gentle prodding she added to the list with a genuine Oh I forgot that vibe and now some of the purchased things, including the big thing, are on it. But there are still unfulfilled wishes that Santa just isn’t going to get to, falling down on the job for the first time. 

I hope she isn’t disappointed Christmas morning. I remember that feeling and since she doesn’t get that many gifts, I feel sad not spoiling her a bit more. That said, there are gifts she didn’t play with this year from last Christmas and I definitely don’t want a repeat of that. And we’re not a gun household so that Nerf Blaster is out no matter what.

So Santa and his limited funds are heading into the end of December with a small sack of wish list items. But, we do have one ace in the hole. A life-size impulse-buy cyber-monday cheetah that 100% falls under the wish list item “and a surprise.”

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  1. I’m sure RR will be overjoyed! I have watched cousins open countless presents given by their grandmother (she was poor growing up and many gifts make her feel happy), and they honestly get bored and cranky. They want to play with the gifts and are done opening presents after perhaps three!

    I concur with whoever recommended that the awesome presents come from parents. It helps with post-christmas schoolyard conversations too, between kids of different monetary situations.

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