Love Letter

I don’t think I’ve mentioned lately that my wife is pretty amazing. I imagine I did in the early years. I suppose I fawned over her now and again. Not often enough, I’m sure, but I wrote love letters then. I was different then. More romantic, more something. We’ll be married 15 years this March which is a pretty long time to keep newlywed standards of affection. We’re not even in therapy right now. We graduated with no expectation of going back. No, this is a love letter all on its own. 

If you’re expecting something sweet, I’m probably not your girl. I’m rough around the edges. Tattered here, jagged there. Not so easy to love. But she is. She fixes things. Fixes me. Last week, she was carefully pouring cinnamon into an ant hole. THE ant hole. The place we can’t seem to stop the ants from using as a revolving door. They come, they go and she’s there with ant bait and kitchen spices, ready to do battle. She hauls things. The trash, a new rose bush, a sink the contractor left in our basement. She handles things. She called when the paper started arriving late and met the oven repair man. She dealt with the homophobic vet and she deals with RR when the day is long and I can’t read another page to a squirmy nine-year-old. 

She knows me. We’ve been wrestling the basement into some semblance of normalcy after my mother dumped half her stuff and abandoned it. My wife shows remarkable resilience when she uncovers yet another box with a single crumpled receipt inside. But when it came time to sort through her old papers, cards, and letters she soared through sentimentality to make progress. I think that’s hard work for anyone. She knows my grief and knows when to be the stronger one. That must not be easy to do but she never fails to be there.

And while you’ll have to go elsewhere for torrid tales, suffice to say she delivers. 

I’ve never been this in love. I think that’s what you get after so many years invested. It’s easy though, like I said, she gets me. It doesn’t hurt that she’s attractive and charming. She’s also a wonderful musician, mother, and she does the budget. What more could I ask for?

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  1. This is lovely and despite your objections, incredibly sweet. xo

  2. The thing I like best about being long-married (15 years in September!) is how we’ve grown into each other’s lives and taken up the other person’s least favorite tasks, which it also sounds like your lovely wife excels at. Go team!

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