School Continues

We had barely a three day disruption in school for RR. The teachers turned from a completely in-person curriculum to an online, Zoom-based, set of lessons and meetings. They have done a remarkable job considering that Montessori for fourth graders still relies heavily on hands-on work. Strike that, it’s not even considering, it’s just remarkable. Impressive.

We’ve had a full week of lessons, including PE and literature circle, geometry and foraging hikes, geography and reading circles. She has talked to her teachers and seen all of her friends. She’s starting to FaceTime with other friends in her class as parents loosen up previously tight online restrictions.

I mentioned crying in the last post and if there’s anything I could cry over, it’s this. It’s profound gratitude for her teachers and her school. It’s a heart swollen with the love and kindness from her school. It’s the lucky feeling I have as I watch schools struggle to keep from capsizing.

She’s going to miss her first overnight trip away from us and it’s a milestone taken by this virus. She was excited and apprehensive and when the videos came showing what she would have done on an ecology trip to the Chesapeake Bay, and she watched with regret. I’m glad she’s not missing a graduation but it was a first that she’ll have to wait a year to have. 

I wanted to write, “assuming we go back to normal”, but we will right? Soon.  

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  1. My husband used to run those trips to the Bay – they are fun and thankfully, they’ll still be there. Sorry RR had to miss out this year.

  2. Two things: 1) My kids Montessori Elementary school gave me the same feelings yours does to you. LOVED it. Now that they are older I’m so happy they have that foundation. 2) BOTH of my kids are missing graduations. My son from 8th grade into HS and my daughter from 5th grade into middle school. And my son missed the 8th grade East Coast trip (we live in CA) and missed SO many opportunities. Sending you all love.

    • Oh, I’m sorry they are missing graduations. Those are pivotal years. I hope you’re able to find something that feels like closure for them as they move forward into the next grade.

  3. The teachers are what is getting me as well. There is no way this can be easy on them and yet they still keep showing up with vigor and seem to genuinely miss our children as much as our children miss them.

    I am so sorry that RR is missing out on the trip. Hopefully she can experience something similar this summer when we DO get through all this.

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