I Think We’re Alone Now

Lots of adult conversations happen in our house. Are the pipes really failing? What’s the budget look like right now? Is she ever going back to school? How are interest rates? Should we refinance the house? Are we going to have to put the dog to sleep? And how does this pandemic affect…well, everything? Lots of adult conversations and very little adult time.

You know what else we have? A pair of little ears that want to know about EVERYTHING. What are you talking about? What does investment mean? Why doesn’t the grocery store have food? Will I miss school in the fall? What do you mean no camps? Most of the time we catch ourselves before we launch into adult talk but she seems to always be there.

I know we’re not alone in this (we’re never alone it seems) so what is there to do but send her to play in her room? She desperately wants to know what we’re talking about so she doesn’t want to do anything else but listen. It’s like we’re the most interesting people on the planet. Maybe during a pandemic we are.

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  1. Oh, GOD, at dinner, I ended up explaining globalization, the legal limits on free speech, and then, as a natural consequence of my poor choices, what the phrase “limited purpose public figure” means, followed finally by “actual malice”. I’ve no-one to blame but myself for having a kid EXACTLY like Small Me. The kid kept…..asking…. questions ….

  2. Oh, you are so not alone. My kid knows more about the world at 4.5 than I did at 10–all courtesy of this pandemic. I thought, “maybe she’ll learn to ride her bike without training wheels” when this first started. Instead, she’s learned about reckless government intervention (or lack thereof), unemployment, healthcare inequity, death by disease, that her moms aren’t invincible, and that hugs can be dangerous.

  3. We are NEVER alone. Always little ears listening. As mentioned above, we are apparently all raising a generation of woke kids. Maybe it will benefit the world one day?! But, yes, occasional privacy would be nice.

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