Who here is tired of being home with other members of the household? Raise of hands, please, and ignore the fact that both of my arms are waving frantically. Since March 17th I have been at home with my family and while there is a lot of good about it, I am occasionally done with togetherness.

Here’s an example: today I’d like to work from the living room, watching trashy TV and returning emails. It’s something I do when I work from home and I’m surprisingly productive. My brain is able to turn off the distraction and have a pleasantly peaceful work experience. I was fortunate that I could do that for about an hour. But I wanted more, as you do with delicious things that make you feel nice.

But then RR was done with her math work and my wife had a break between meetings and suddenly I’m watching Teen Titans Go and I’m decidedly too distracted to work in the living room, next to my dog, in a cozy chair. Granted, I was in the central living space so it’s no one’s fault but my own. That said, I found myself wishing for just a moment, that I could be alone in the house as I used to be when working from home.

It’s not as if I couldn’t ask for time by myself. My wife would take RR for a walk in a heartbeat and leave me with 20 minutes. On occasion though, I want what I had – a long period of peace in our house – and I’m frustrated that I can’t have it. I’ll bet my wife wishes she had it, too. I’ll bet everyone in this house wishes this were over. But it’s not going to be over, not in the way you might see it as a return to normal and neither one of us is headed back to work anytime soon. It’s a hard pill to swallow.

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  1. I so feel you on this. Everyone else was able to stake a claim in a space that can be made private – I’ve got the living room, the kitchen or our bedroom, which everyone seems to consider public space in our house. Thankfully though, my girl was accepted into another neighborhood family’s pod so she could babysit their 7 year old twin girls this summer and I have to admit, it’s been the best thing that’s happened in weeks. Not only does she now have structure, she gets paid to leave our house!

  2. I love my family but I have no desire to *only* interact with them!

  3. I go on drives. I get a big soda and a McDonald’s hamburger and I drive. Oh and Marco Polo you.

  4. You are my wife. I definitely miss my office but she’s got three other people in hers now. Working from home was way cooler before we all started doing it.

  5. I recently told my (adult) children to choose their life partners well because one day they’ll be quaratined with them and then all bets are off. My husband and I divide the house during the day so that we can both be productive. Less than ideal but it’s working for us. Good luck to you!

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