Explaining anti-racist, anti-fascist movements to my daughter is critical and necessary. I need more words to do this well but I’m doing it anyway.

Moses’ back legs don’t work at all after 10 in the morning. It’s remarkably hard to euthanize a dog in a pandemic. One vet said they’d come out to the car (that we can’t get him into comfortably), another is coming to the house on June 12th. There has been less crying since we made the decision but it’s a little dead man walking (dragging) which is weird.

I don’t know how to do 4th grade math and I’m not optimistic about 5th grade math. With RR’s learning disability, math is going to be a constant feature this summer (as it was last summer and the summer before). She just needs a bit more work than other kids to stay on grade level.

I’ve been enjoying writing to you all. I don’t often comment on others’ writing and I’m going to start doing than more often. The whole process is cathartic so thanks for reading.

Next week is going to be science week. We’re going to make a volcano, experiment with invisible ink, get the slime kit back out, and watch yeast bubble. Other easy projects with household items?

Watching kids write each other letters is adorable. RR has received a letter and some postcards from her friends and her face lights up when she reads them. How can we be bankrupting our postal system?!

Teaching my daughter how to apply deodorant (and explaining why we use it and why she doesn’t have to when she older and can make her own decision) is weird. She has a more pronounced pit hole than I do and getting her to get it in the right place is key to not having a malodorous house.

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  1. Ah, parenting through puberty means all sorts of conversations in which you find yourself saying things you never thought you’d have to say out
    loud. Good times.
    I have a friend who’s a math tutor – might be helpful for RR? Happy to connect you. Math is totally not my thing either.

  2. Your words are ALWAYS relatable.

    4th grade math did me in and 5th grade is terrifying. A dyslexic kid does not make it easier. There has to be a way to do word problems without reading…right?!?!

    I am so sorry about dead doggie walking. Just remember that acceptance and surrender are not the same. You have done all you can and he knows he is loved.

    Deodorant, yea. Puberty during a pandemic is not in any parenting book.

    Thank you for writing.

    I keep the fluff on my regular (public blog) and then dash off to my private one to keep it real. You are right, it is cathartic indeed.

  3. I’ve been doing Singapore Math with my kids and it has a really good set of visuals that go with the lessons. worth a try maybe? I am actually pretty good at math and I even teach it to college students but I suck at explaining it to elementary schoolers so the structure really helped *me*. You can get used but mostly unwritten in work books on Thrift Books for super cheap. It prevented any of us murdering anyone else over math.

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