When that Disaster Pays Off

We are so lucky I have a titanium bar in my leg. As we speak, my daughter is in her morning school meeting, my wife is meeting with her boss, and I about to be in a group discussion about my Library’s COVID services. Our internet is plugging away just as hard as it can.

Fifteen years ago, while at work, I was on a deck that collapsed. The wooden platform crashed toward the house, trapping my ankle underneath. It shattered in such a way that it took almost a year to suss out a solution and get surgery to fix it. I’m now up two silicone plugs, six screws, and a bar. That deck was on a commercial property and 15 other people were seriously injured. Necks, backs, legs. There was a lawsuit and the result was a down payment on this small house.

This house has held us up for 11 years. It has weathered an infant and a stable of animals. It’s now hosting remote therapy sessions, two jobs that have moved online, and fifth grade. It just took a disaster to get us here.

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  1. I was in a car wreck in 2014 during which my foot was broken and I had to have a metal plate put in to realign the bone. It took well over a year to get the settlement from that wreck. The settlement, however, financed my maternity leave with my daughter in 2016 since I work for a school district and they only paid out the days I’d banked. Funny how these things work out.

    My foot was never the same and I suspect your ankle isn’t either.

    • Not the same, no. But I console myself by picking out new rugs to replace the ones that smell like dog. And yes – why does it take so long to settle?!

  2. Why didn’t I know about this??!! I don’t know you at all. :*
    Disaster is taking us everywhere these days. To places we never wanted to go. Hugs to you!!

    • Not at all! It’s as if I don’t verbally vomit all over these pages all the time. Where’s that hysterically laughing emoji when I need him?

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