Just stop now if you are an Armpit Person. I suppose you can take that any number of different ways. The person who loves a nice ripe subway ride in a New York summer. The person who enjoys a pleasant meander through the scent fields on a particularly amorous afternoon. I’m not judging you. But if you aren’t an Armpit Person, carry on, my friend.

I’d wager my nose is more sensitive than most and while I’ve weathered my fair share of pungent predicaments, I never thought I’d be contending with one in my own home. There is nothing quite like a brand new set of pre-adolescent hormones to create a scent soup that wrinkles the nose and waters the eyes. I understand the trouble with anti-perspirants but is it too much to ask for a deodorant that does its job?

I understand I’m asking it to work extremely hard (and I don’t mean fresh as a daisy no smell ever ruin your daughter’s self esteem hard). I’m just asking it to mildly take the sting out of the air. Dancing tactfully through this landmine while preserving said self-esteem is no walk in the park. It’s level ten parenting. I don’t want her classmates to ridicule her but I also don’t want to give her a complex.

After trying many different kinds of deodorants – remember Armpit People, we agreed you would stop at the top! – we’ve finally found one that maybe most of the time can limit the hormonal eau de daughter. But seriously. If you have or had one of these parental predicaments or even your own battle, what deodorant have you found that does the trick? All suggestions welcome – limit dairy? More showers? And the ever popular wait it out. But save my nose friends. Help!

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  1. Miser mom had a post on this one with her son the other year–IIRC, the trick was extreme and hard soap scrubbing during showers, and not the deodorant so much at all.

    Back when I was in this stage many decades ago, for me the trick was changing deodorants to those with different active ingredients on a somewhat regular basis because my the smell creators in my underarms would build up a tolerance to whatever anti-bacterial I was using.

  2. Oh, we lived through this. Thank god for sending her to camp and they helped her through. Secret worked well for her, but honestly? The Old Spice line of deodorant/antiperspirant worked best during the height of her puberty. Yes, I know it’s made for men, but the hormones of teen girls can give old men a run for their money when it comes to odors. Mixing it up a lot helped too. Try it all.

    • I looked at old spice. That’s on my list to try. We got a secret coconut one yesterday but honestly, she’s powerful enough to break through anything. It’s like a superpower. Old Spice may be the way.

  3. I think mine got kinda bad about washing himself around that age and we had to do a sniff test after baths (and sometimes make him go bathe again!). Also changing bedsheets more often helps a little. We had to find an unscented deodorant – I know!- because the oldest kid is super rashy; frankly it’s not ideal. My sympathies.

  4. Using hibicleanse (which is used in hospitals for pre surgery scrubs) has really helped me when I’ve not been able to wear any deodorant due to severe allergy induced eczema. Now I use Lume and it works pretty well for me. No experience with stanky kids though!

  5. Hi! I have a solution that worked for me and also for the odiferous preteens in my life. Shower daily. In the shower, mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with a small amount of bath or shower gel (a few drops). Lather until it forms a white, gooey paste. Scrub vigorously into the armpit, squeeze the armpit flesh, and scrub more. Rinse. Do this every single day. The smell will disappear.

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