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There are so many new parenting hurdles with 11. One of them is the lack of initiative in the morning before school. Brush your teeth is met with Just a minute and Go get dressed is followed with a slight eyeroll and a tone. She’s cuddling at night and texting during the day. She’s wearing ripped jeans one minute and a tank top for a much younger child the next. Some of her friends are going through Shit and she alternately sends nonsensical memes and I’m here for u messages. After one friend texted that he was worried about what would happen if he died, we started watching her texts. I know, privacy and all that, but she’s also 11 and isn’t emotionally mature enough to handle that kind of heavy conversation. There’s a lot to unpack there and some of it is scary grown-up stuff. So rather than bring you down on this Thursday, this almost weekend day, I’ll leave you with this morning gem:

RR is the blue block, the oh so proud block, the I’m totally ignoring my mother block. I thought she was just distracted but in fact, she totally knew what she was up to. I’ve been eating cereal for 20 minutes. Yes child, yes you have.

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  1. Ah, the years where your child dips their toe into the modern methods of communication and you just want to be aware of what’s happening just in case and then the mom who reads it all and shares all the kids confidences posts about it on facebook or you run into the mom who actively participates in the group text and wonders why you don’t at the grocery store so she tries to fill you in on the latest fifth grade (or whatever grade it is) gossip.
    You totally have this.

  2. Look at the confident and honest child you have! Lol

    Who can eat cereal for 20 minutes?!!

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